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Taught By Communication Experts

We Provide Instruction In The Following Areas:

  • Public Speaking
  • Effective Communication
  • Speech and Drama
  • Vocal Improvement
  • Debate Coaching
  • MMI Training
  • Presentational Skills
  • Interview Skills
The Speech Studio Inc.
The Speech Studio Inc.


Our studio in Edmonton, AB offers private and semi-private lessons within 30-, 45-, and 60-minute time slots. Various introductory small group programs are available throughout the year. Call The Speech Studio Inc. to improve your child’s communication skills with one of our exceptional communication training programs.

Training in Speech Arts and Effective Communication

Private lessons at The Speech Studio Inc. focus on developing effective speaking and performance skills.

  • Training in effective communication develops skills in the art of speaking by focusing on the ability to communicate information with creativity and confidence.
  • Training in speech arts and drama develops skills in the art of speaking by focusing on the ability to interpret and perform literature and drama, while also exploring the physical connection to the voice.

Each student progresses through a carefully designed, individually tailored curriculum that meets his or her own needs and abilities, and enhances each one’s unique vocal quality and personality.

Educational Services

Our hours of operation are subject to appointment bookings. Contact us to learn more about the public speaking and other courses we offer privately, semi-privately, and in group sessions. We would be happy to tell you more about our speech instructors and the quality educational services they provide.

Please Click on our current program offerings:

Personal and Professional Development for Adults

Private Lesson Information

Summer 2024 Private and Group Programs for Kids/Teens/Young Adults & Adults